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I will use this portion of the blog to list the Millennial Income Project portfolio holdings here along with its estimated yield. I also plan to list any other pertinent portfolio information here as well. If you have suggestions on how to improve this page, please let me know! Thank you for reading!

Ticker Description Holding Weight Income Weight Yield at Cost
REM Mortgage REITs 16% 25% 9.2%
VNQ U.S. Property REITs 15% 9% 3.9%
DVY U.S. Dividend Stocks 13% 7% 3.6%
MLPA Energy MLPs 11% 16% 8.3%
PSP Private Equity 10% 11% 6.7%
ETV S&P 500 Buy-Write 10% 15% 8.7%
AAPL Technology 9% 3% 2.6%
VYM U.S. Dividend Stocks 6% 3% 3.1%
SPFF Preferreds 5% 7% 7.0%
TAO Intl Real Estate 2% 2% 5.8%
IDV Intl Dividend Stocks 2% 2% 5.7%
IFGL Intl Real Estate 1% 1% 4.2%

S&P 500 Total Return (5/31/2018): 2%

YTD Total Return (5/31/2018): 2%

Currently matching the market with less volatility. P/E at 14 and Correlations generally around 0.5.

The portfolio above is not necessarily in an “optimal” state. The percentages are not targets, just where they exist today. What I am looking to the crowd for is help optimizing the weights of each investment to reduce the portfolio’s correlation and improve it’s performance.

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